Malta National Aquarium

Welcome to The Malta National Aquarium project is spread over approximately 20,000 square meters and comprises a public aquarium, a public landscaped belvedere at promenade level, a multi storey car park, facilities for local dive schools, catering facilities including a beach club, a merchandise outlet and a tourist information kiosk.

The public aquarium has 41 tanks including reptiles, insects and amphibians, amongst others, Mediterranean fish, including fish commonly found in Maltese waters together with replicas of historical artefacts that one can find in the seas around the Maltese islands.

The main tank of the aquarium houses species from the Indian Ocean, including black tip sharks, zebra sharks, leopard sharks, bamboo sharks, rays, eels and other exotic species. The main tank is approximately 12 meters in diameter and has a walk-through tunnel that allows visitors to experience the fish at a much closer range.

All tanks are expertly themed to replicate the underwater environment. Additional features of the public aquarium include a laboratory, food preparation room and quarantine facilities.

The national aquarium is in an iconic curved shell structure in the form of a starfish. The adjacent promenade provides additional recreation facilities for pedestrians including a children’s play area.

Besides the tanks housing an impressive collection of fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrate species, the Malta National Aquarium complex also comprises of the Cafe del Mar reef club, a landscaped belvedere, a cute merchandise outlet and outstanding catering facilities all set within an idyllic location.


The Malta National Aquarium teamed up with the ilearn Biology Team to prepare high level educational programmes in line with the Maltese National curriculum. We also offer curriculum related activities with the Aquarium education team to supplement the students’ visit.

We provide an array of public talks daily which help promote awareness on essential issues such as littering, loss of species and conservation. This new concept of interactive teaching will eventually help change the traditional way of learning.


Our aim is to be the leading entity for the preservation of the marine life and its environment. We do this by instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in our visitors and members of staff. We practise what we preach and therefore fully respect the environment throughout our operations. We have also improved the outlook of Qawra point whilst protecting its picturesque natural surroundings.

Through collaboration with various local NGOs we have undergone a number of projects to further promote awareness and education amongst school kids and adults alike.

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