The Bugibba Card for Business Members

What is the Bugibba Card?

The Bugibba Card is a NEW DISCOUNT/DEALS SHOPPING CARD for tourists and locals.  Business membership for The Bugibba Card is available to Silver and Gold members of, by upgrading to either a Silver Plus or Platinum membership.

How does the card work?

The card is shown by the card holder at participating businesses in return for the selected deal or discount.  The card is free of charge and available to both tourists and locals living in the Bugibba locality.

What are the benefits of joining the scheme?

The card will offer discounts and deals at various businesses in the locality, providing you a greater chance of being selected by customers looking for a particular service/experience at a discounted rate.

As the card will form a network of businesses, you will also benefit from referrals and recommendations of other participating businesses.

What can I offer as part of the scheme?

You can offer any deal or discount that you want, however it would be advisable to offer a specific deal different to any other that you may already offer.

Your offer may be changed up to four times per month, depending on your individual requirements/preferences.

How much does the scheme cost?

Membership costs only 5 euros per month and is paid six months in advance. As a Silver or Gold member you will have already paid to have a listing on our website, so will only pay an additional 30 euros every six months.

The price of the membership scheme covers the costs of printing the cards, as it is not our intention to profit directly from the membership scheme.

How do I join?

To join please contact us and we will arrange to meet you and explain in more detail.

Membership of the scheme is six monthly and you can leave the scheme at the end of any six month period if you decide.

How will the scheme be promoted?

The scheme will have a dedicated page on our website, detailing participating members and their deals/discounts. Our website currently receives over 500 unique visits a day, with on average 53% coming from Malta.

We will continue to use social media and will promote different deals daily. So far we have achieved over 2200 social media followers in just over six months and regularly out perform our much larger competitors on engagement stats.

We also have very strong relationships with local tourist companies, hotels and attractions, who will also be helping to promote and distribute the cards

What is the cost of the card to locals and tourists?

The card is FREE OF CHARGE and available to both tourists and locals living in the Bugibba locality.

All participating members will be provided with a quota of cards on a monthly basis, to give to their own customers.

An electronic version of the card will also be downloadable from our website and Facebook page.

Can I join the scheme without being a Silver or Gold member?

Unfortunately not. The scheme is an upgrade of our current membership options and intended to continue to support our member’s commitment to us.

For more information of membership please, see our membership options page