About Bugibba-Malta.com

The website was created in 2013 by a friend of ours, with the purpose to list all the businesses and everything relevant in the Bugibba, Qawra and St. Paul’s Bay area.

Our aim is to develop the initial idea further ando provide the most comprehensive online business directory, for the Bugibba and St Paul’s Bay locality. We both live in St Paul’s Bay and believe that bugibba-malta.com can offer an effective and unique service to help promote our community, especially if you consider that Malta attracts two million tourists a year and Bugibba is the second largest tourist resort in Malta.

About Nick

After spending the first 20 years of his working life at various levels within the recruitment industry, in 2009 he decided to leave the corporate lifestyle and studied to become a Personal Trainer. The decision allowed him to build his own succesful healtha and fitness business, employing eight staff, whilst doing something he really loved!

Bored with the lack of English sun, he came to Malta in 2015 after being offered a job as a Boxing/Kickboxing Trainer and in April 2016 had the opportunity to buy bugibba-malta.com

In his spare time he enjoys, Boxing, watching Arsenal when they win and generally enjoying the sunshine lifestyle that he has found in Malta!

About Flora

I’m Italian and after living in Malta for two years working on an internship with The Malta Tourism Authority, I decided to settle in Malta permanently. I would love to share my knowledge about web marketing communication strategies with local businesses.

As you know Malta is a tiny rocky island in the centre of the Mediterranen Sea but is rich in history, culture and friendly people who have made me feel so welcome. Now I would like to repay the friendliness, by supporting the Maltese community in helping them increase the chances of their success in business.

My background includes a Degree in Communication and two Masters in Tourism Marketing by helping promote my region when I lived back in Umbria. For the last eight years I have been developing web marketing strategies and application for online company branding.

In my spare time I enjoy, reading holistic books, dancing tango, exploring Malta and last but not least, annoying Nick with all of my ideas 😀

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