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Welcome to Trattoria a’ Lanterna

Come and enjoy all the flavours of Liguria Region

Liguria is an embrace of sea and thanks to Igor and Sabrina, all the flavour of this beautiful Italian Region are now in Bugibba!

You may know Liguria famous city Genoa or Sanremo or even Le Cinque Terre, the costal five colourful villages…

However what Sabrina and Igor brought here to Malta, are delights such as the Ligurian typical fish dishes like the stockfish in broth, the “totani in zemino” or the “brandacujun”, a delicious stockfish creamed with potatoes, garlic, parsley and pine nuts.

An Important Recognition

Igor and Sabrina had received an important recognition from the illustrious Accademia Italiana della Cucina, who reviewd their cuisine and also decided to featured them in their prestigious Magazine, “Civiltà della Tavola“.

A’ Lanterna Focaccia

Liguria is not only a land of sea, indeed it is a land of mountains, vegetables gardens, small villages perched on the crests.

A’ Lanterna “Torta Verde” is all you need to experience all this most hidden Liguria, aromatic with herbs.

Torta verde is a particular pizza filled with zucchini, local herbs and onions but now that you are here also try one of the focaccia, have a slice of Sardenaira.

Sardenaira is a pizza with an ancient history,
giving all the flavours of Western Liguria. In fact, Liguria best colours and taste are spread: the red of tomato sauce, the particular taste of dressed garlic, the salty flavour of salted anchovies,  the scent of origan of our mountains, the capers growing in stone walls and Taggiascan olives.

You may eat focaccia at every time of the day, from breakfast to dinner time, you can have a nibble before going to sleep. It accompanies our day as it has accompanied the history of these inhabitants, who have taken the best of small things.

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 Another dish of which Igor is proud of is definetly
Pasta al Pesto!

Every Italian knows that the authentic Pasta al Pesto is from Genoa and Igor imports fresh basil from its authentic place of origin, Genoa Pra’.

All the dishes can be accompained with the intense taste of a Ligurian bottle of wine, red or white the choice is yours.



Our selection of fresh Cold Cuts and Cheese

At Trattoria A’ Lanterna you can know buy the Ligurian traditional Cold Cuts and Cheese so that you can take home all the flavours of this delicious regional cuisine!

Have you tried our home made cakes?

You can also order them or any other of our dishes for take-away and for special occasions!

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This little and cosy Italian Trattoria is surely a friendly place where family are welcomed and kids have their own play area.

Are you curious why the name “Trattoria a’ Lanterna“?

Well you will discover it entering in the restaurant, Igor is a passionate lighthouse collector!


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